Your No. 1 European source for RF & Microwave components.

Your No. 1 European source for RF & Microwave components.

Aaren Technology Ltd is a European based supplier of RF & Microwave components for the commercial and professional communications markets, plus those defence contractors looking for cost effective “Commercial Off The Shelf – COTS” products.

With design and manufacturing facilities in a number of far eastern locations, Aaren Technology is able to offer a wide range of high specification components, with swift delivery, excellent quality, all at very competitive prices.

The Aaren Technology product range includes components for both coaxial and waveguide applications up to 40GHz.

Aaren Technology’s sales & marketing strategy is to offer products as cost effectively as possible and to do this we have set up a e-commerce system to allow us to pass on to our customers the savings by doing business this way.

We would like to encourage all customers to use the one line purchasing system and wherever possible order & pay on-line. Where your organisation prohibits this, or it gets in the way of efficient trading, please contact us; no system is perfect and if our system does not match yours, we would like hear from you so we can bridge that gap as efficiently as possible.